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Послание подписавшим петицию PLEASE RECORD Don Juan in Soho starring David Tennant and Adrian Scarborough! (www.change.org/p/please-record-don-juan-in-soho...)

Anna Voinoff
Москва, Россия

1 МАЯ 2017 Г. — Thanks, people, you are gorgeous!! I nearly cried reading your marvelous comments! But we still need 73 to reach at least 1500 (or more)) so PLEASE keep signing and sharing. We've got two news for you: David Tennant has been told about the petition and he said "Thank you! Let's hope'. Patrick Maraber also has been awared and answered 'It's an ongoing conversation'. We have some hope now, do we?

Продолжаю надеяться на успех, ведь запись - единственная для меня возможность увидеть постановку.


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