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Насобирала фан-роликов разных авторов про Тони Старка... Большая куча получилась. Сама не ожидала. Их много. И, по большей части, они не веселые. Ну что уж тут поделаешь...

Ну, и чтобы немного разбавить надрыв:


GO ALL THE WAY | tony stark

Опубликовано: 29 мая 2016 г.

note: okay, well this video is not about effects, not about perfect timing into the music. it’s about my personal feelings for tony stark. every time i look in his eyes i see even more than ‘just’ a hero. i see the strongest and bravest man in the world. there is no one who could convince me otherwise. his mistakes making him the biggest hero for me. his his inner demons, his feelings… a broken man who fights like a lion with himself. that is the greatest heroism. it's not just about freedom, not about any perfect man ( sorry steve ). tony is not a SUPERhero, he’s not a PERFECT man. he’s just HUMAN. and still he can save the world. tony stark changed his life. and god, we all know that there’s nothing harder than CHANGING OUR LIVES.

tony will be my hero forever. he taught me that you have to trust your beliefs. you have to fight, even if others are against you if they think that you can’t do that. that you're doing wrong. #teamironman all the way…


software: Final Cut Pro 10.2
character: Tony Stark
edited: Merc with a mouth // 2016

song: ask me
poetry by: charles bukowski
media: iron man 1, iron man 2, iron man 3, the avengers, avengers: age of ultron, civil war

special thanks: mateuz for giving me an idea for soundtrack !!! also thx for 7000+ views and new subs. ^^

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